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Deaf Activities


2010 Handbook Information


Promoting Better Hearing

The purpose of the Deaf activities program is to educate Grange members and community members about deafness, hearing loss and hearing protection.


Healthy Initiative 2010

Following are the objectives of the hearing health initiative. I encourage you to examine each objective and see how your Grange might get involved.

Healthy Hearing Objectives

  • Increase the proportion of newborns that are screened for hearing loss by age 1 month, have audio logic evaluation by age 3 months, and are enrolled in appropriate intervention services by age 6 months.
  • Reduce otitis media in children and adolescents.
  • Increase access by persons who have hearing impairments to hearing rehabilitation services and adaptive devices, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, or tactile or other assistive or augmentative devices.
  • Increase the proportion of persons who have had a hearing examination on schedule.
  • Increase the number of persons who are referred by their primary care physician for hearing evaluation and treatment.
  •  Increase the use of appropriate ear protection devices, equipment, and practices.
  • Reduce noise-induced hearing loss in children and adolescents aged 17 years and under.
  • Reduce adult hearing loss in the noise-exposed public.
"Otitis media, or Middle ear infection, accounts for 24.5 million visits to doctors' offices and is the most frequent reason cited for taking children to the emergency department. Health care costs of otitis media in the United States have been reported to be $3 billion to $5 billion per year. Otitis media often occurs in repeated bouts, causing periods of hearing loss that can affect children during the critical time for language and speech acquisition and hamper children in a variety of learning environments."

Subordinate and Pomona Grange Activity Suggestions

A. Sponsor, host, or promote Sign Languages classes.

B. Write letters to legislators and health insurance companies encouraging the coverage or at least partial coverage of hearing loss services and products especially for children.

C. Sponsor a special fundraiser for the Mandy Project and assist in distributing Mandy Project flyers/brochures.

D. Donate $ to State Deaf Activities Fund which helps provide educational materials to local Granges.

E. Promote Hearing Testing

F. Assist Lecturer with a program educating members and non-members about Deafness or hearing loss.

G. Write articles about Grange Deaf activities projects and send to local new media during May, which is a special month for deaf awareness.

H. Each Grange should have Posters up on Signs of Deafness or hearing loss.
-- 1) For Adults
-- 2) For children

I. Promote Finger spelling Bees, Sign Language challenges, Sign A Song competitions.

J. Distribute Sound and Hearing Packets, Manual Alphabet Posters, Pledge of Allegiance Sign Language Posters, etc. to local school, Home schooled children, and other Youth organizations. Some of these items can be obtained from the National Grange Headquarters: 1616 H. Street, NW, Washington, DC. 20006.

  Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind

We encourage each Grange to collect Campbell's product labels for the Colorado School for the Deaf and blind. Labels can be brought to the state convention or sent to the state Director or state office

Mandy Project

A special certificate will be given to Granges who sponsor a special fundraiser for the Mandy Project.

The purpose of the Mandy project is to help children with hearing loss to become productive citizens and to provide assistance to a family experiencing hardship due to a child's hearing loss.

As many children will be helped as possible and as funds are available. Families with a child who has a hearing loss will be chosen through the application process to receive funding assistance to help cover costs of hearing aids, speech therapy, surgery, or other related expenses.

Flyers can be obtained by contacting the State Director.

Audiologist of the Year/Friend of Hearing Loss Recognition award

A Certificate is available upon request from State Director to any Grange who wants to recognize an audiologist or some other person for their contribution to deaf activities.


contact Cindy Greer for further information.

  last updated: 14-Mar-2018
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