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People Improving Communities & Kids (P.I.C.K.)


Director: Cindy Greer

We build:

  •  People by recognizing leadership abilities and encouraging talents.
  •  Family by offering a family oriented environment and emphasizing family values.
  •  Community by working together in a team spirit, providing service and community outreach.

Our Plans:

The Purpose of the Mandy Project is to help children with hearing loss to become productive citizens and to provide assistance to a family experiencing hardship due to a child's hearing loss.  We will help as many children as funds will allow, with the maximum amount awarded to a family being $1,000.00.  Families with a child who has a hearing loss will be considered through the application process to receive funding assistance to help cover costs of hearing aids, speech therapy, surgery, or other related expenses. Brochures can be obtained by contacting the State Director.

Granges who sponsor a special fundraise or make a donation to the Mandy project will receive a special certificate at State Convention.
Every Grange should have a  "Do You Know The Signs"  poster up in their hall or in the building where they meet if at all possible.  Brochures with the same information are available and should also be available for distribution at your meeting place. Granges are encouraged to give these posters and brochures to their local schools pre-school and Kindergarten classes.  Early intervention is important to a child's learning when hearing loss is involved.  Posters and Brochures can be obtained through the Mandy Project Director. Granges are encouraged to collect Campbell's product UPC Symbols for the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind.  Bring the symbols to the State convention and we will pass them on to the school. Granges might also sponsor sign language classes in their halls.

We plan to organize and sponsor educational camps, seminars, and retreats focusing on leadership, strengthening community involvement, developing and enhancing awareness of cultural and social unity specifically for Youth. We plan to participate or organize activities every three months, holing functions and activities in different counties throughout the state.


We plan to provide financial grants to communities who find themselves in the midst of natural disasters and to causes that create better communities and human conditions.

We plan to promote activities and education specifically for women. We would like to financially assist existing shelters and programs assisting women. Programs and educational material would be designed to assist widows, women recovering from abusive environments, teen mothers, single mothers, and women restructuring their lives after divorce. We will also promote the arts and personal growth.

We plan to promote the arts through various contests that will be open to the public participation. Contests will be conducted in the fall at the annual meeting.

Our Services:
  • Tax Exempt - We are 501c3 status - your contributions are tax exempt
  • Support - We plan to seek grants from other foundations to provide funding for the programs we will be implementing. Your support is greatly appreciated!!!
  • Volunteer staff - The officers and staff of this foundation are volunteers. The officers will consist of a President, Vice President and Secretary/ Treasurer. We will also have a board of directors and committee chairmen


Emergency Capital Improvement Projects:

This is a temporary loan to help a Grange with an emergency that affects the availability of the use of the building in the community. For example if the water heater, heater or some other aspect needs repair or replacement and the Grange doesn't have enough funds to replace it for a period of time these funds can be applied for. Or if vandal's strike and windows or doors need replaced or fixed immediately funds can be applied for. There is no time limit on the loan and there will be no interest charged.

  • The Grange must provide current information on balances in checking, savings and cd's or other invested funds when applying.
  • The Grange must also provide a list or regular/monthly/periodical expenses that help prove that they are in need of assistance.
  • Maximum amount available per incident is $250.00.
  • The Grange must provide quarterly reports on activities that prove their efforts to earn the funds to repay the loan.

Juniors/Youth Projects:
Every Grange needs to connect with the youth in their community. Each Grange can connect with the youth and not have a specific Junior Grange or Youth program. We would like each Grange to promote participation in a special project.

Create a Place Mat - Theme "Healthy Lifestyle":
Age Groups 0-4, 5-9, 10-19 Place mat should be approximately 11" x 12" Place Mat may be decorated in any manner and made from any medium. Place Mat should promote a Healthy lifestyle from the child's point of view. Place mats will be judged at the Colorado State Grange Convention First place will receive $15.00, second Place $10.00 and Third Place $5.00 in each age group. Place mats may not be returned. Each project must be labeled with the name of the entrant, age of entrant, mailing address of entrant, and sponsoring Grange.

Create a Birthday Card (2012):
Open to any individual between the ages of 4 and 19. There will not be any age divisions at the State level. A Grange may want to have age groups and provide prizes or obtain sponsors for prizes on a local level. Cards should be made out of heavy duty paper or cardstock Size -minimum 2 ¼" x 4 ¼" and no larger than 8 ½" x 5 ½". Card may be decorated with any medium. First place will receive $25.00, second Place $15.00 and Third Place $10.00 Cards will not be returned. Cards will be judged at the Colorado State Grange Convention Cards will be grouped and sold in the PICK silent auction. Each project must be labeled with the Name of the entrant, age of entrant, mailing address of entrant, and sponsoring Grange.

Women's Resources:
Educating the community about safe and proper methods of food preservation is quickly making a comeback. The Grange can be a leader in making sure men and women who are interested in food preservation are educated and well informed. We encourage each grange to sponsor a food preservation program using a reliable source to conduct the workshop. If funds are needed to obtain a reliable source and your Grange does not have funding you can apply for partial assistance. Proof of completion of the workshop is required. If funds are requested the following information must be included: Grange Name and Number, Contact Person, Address, Date of workshop, name of workshop expert, qualifications of workshop expert. Thirty days following the workshops completion the Grange seeking funding must report the outcome of the workshop and provide one photo. This report can be sent via e-mail. We would like to know how many attended the workshop. Funding must be returned if the Grange fails to report within in 30 days.
Women's Health issues are unique and we encourage you to consider hosting an educational program on a health issue that is important to your community.

Board Members:

PRESIDENT - Audrey Maydew - 24969 E Geddes circ. Aurora, Co 80016-5254 (303) 940-8670 ajmaydew@comcast.net

Vice President - Helen A Condron 5905 Nelson Ct Arvada, CO 80004 (303) 425-8702 cell: (303) 653-8635 hdavis8635@comcast.net

Secretary/Treasurer - Cindy Greer - 7629 C.R. 100, Hesperus, CO 81326 (970) 588-3386 hcrdgreer@frontier.net

Board Member - Renee Caldwell - P.O. Box 494, Florissant, CO 80816 (719) 748-0358 spalady@hughes.net

Board Member - David McCord - 855 Newport St., Denver, CO 80220-4720 (303) 388-1259 dmccord60@earthlink.net

Board Member - Marlys Halbeisen - 500 15 th St. Golden, CO 80401-1931 (303) 279-2231 marlyshalbeisen@hotmail.com

The annual meeting of P.I.C.K. will be held the first week of October in conjunction with the Colorado State Grange session.

We appreciate all donations for P.I.C.K. We can only exist with your support!

Please send all donations to:
Colorado State Grange
7275 S. Lima Street
Centennial CO 80112-3850

  last updated: 22-Dec-2015
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