Colona Grange #259

Building Restoration


Colona Grange Hall in 2000 prior to start of restoration work

Photo by Cara Miller

Colona Grange Hall in 2014 after roof and window restoration work

Photo by Cara Miller



Efforts were made to obtain historic designation to restore the building while it was useable and make it appealing to others for increased community use in the future. The building has taken a new look with windows replaced, soffits painted and new roof. Next steps will be to redo the outside stucco and install fire escapes from the second story. It is hoped the painted stage curtain can either be restored or displayed in a preservation case. Work will also be needed to update electrical and plumbing systems then painting to bring the interior a fresh new look.

Historic Painted Stage Curtain

This type of curtain is also known as an advertising curtain due to the business names painted in rectangles and circles surrounding the center picture. Information found in local newspapers indicates the surrounding rural schools received curtains in 1932. The curtain has distinctive features of an animal in the center, name of possible artist and location of Paris, Texas in bottom left corner of center picture.

A historic textile specialist has examined the curtain and documented findings. Recommendations are that the curtain be carefully rolled, covered and not be lowered until preservation work can be done.

Funds will have to be raised to preserve the curtain and prevent further damage.

Colorado Preservation Inc. has undertaken a project to locate other painted stage curtains in Colorado. A national project is underway to locate painted stage curtains. The curtains are now recognized at national treasures .


We are hoping to obtain more grants and the help of donations to complete restoration.

Please check back for updates on the building restoration. We will continue to update this page as our restoration efforts continue.



last updated: October 9, 2014