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"For legislative matters, contact the State Grange office or State Master or Gary Wardle, Legislative director)


Grassroots Policies

Many citizens wish to share ideas which could influence or lead to the creation of needed legislation. The opportunity for realizing that wish is available in the Grange. Every year Grange policies affect local, state and national legislation.

Resolutions expressing the viewpoints of members are sent to the State Convention, and if adopted become State Grange policy. Resolutions adopted on national issues are forwarded to the National Grange Convention for delegate action, and when approved become National Grange legislative policies.



  • Each resolution is numbered
  • Clear, concise title
  •  State the problem in this paragraph. Do NOT express opinions - only supportable facts. Not the use of "WHEREAS," (capitalized) and semicolon followed by "and" at end of paragraph.
  • This states a fact (not opinion) that causes the problem. Each fact (there may be several) is a separate paragraph. Note the use of semi-colon followed by "therefore be it."
  • The RESOLVED states the action you wish to take. If there is more than one solution, tie them together with "and be it further resolved" using punctuation as before. Properly written, this section can stand alone - it will relate to the problem and action desired to correct it.


Resolution No. 1

USDA Funds

WHEREAS, funds appropriated to USDA often give the impression to many people not associated with farming that these funds go directly to the farmer for his personal use; and

WHEREAS, many public programs such as school lunch, forest service, meat inspection and food stamps are federal programs funded by USDA; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Grange urge that USDA programs be separated and listed as to amount of money received and all other means be used to promote a clearer understanding between consumers and farmers concerning USDA appropriations.

  last updated: 12-Feb-2024
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