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We plan to continue to help children with hearing loss to become productive citizens by providing financial grants to the family experiencing hardship due to the child's hearing loss. Financial grants will be given the provider of services for applicant if possible, to help cover the costs of hearing aids, speech therapy, surgery or other related expenses.

How to Apply (application)

The families applying need to send the following information.

1. Name of Family

2. Address & Phone Number

3. # of members in Family

4. Names & Ages of children

5. Name & Age of child with hearing loss--

6. School (child is attending) if applicable.

7. Parents/legal guardians must be citizens of the United States or legal immigrants. (Legal immigrants should send a copy of their green card.)

Services needed for child with hearing loss :

Speech Therapy, Surgery, Hearing Aid(s) or other devices, other.

Brief description of:

1. Cause of hearing loss,

2. Previous treatment, needed

3. Expected treatment, current and future.

Family goals for child with hearing loss.

Current expenses (connected to child's hearing loss and not covered by insurance).


Statement of need. (Must include: Your current income, other resources for assistance, what you insurance covers?)


Letter of proof of hearing loss or Hearing test results, or both.

Picture of child and/or family.

Release Statement  granting permission for Mandy Project to use story and picture for promotional purposes.  The release statement must include a hand written signature by parents.

WHO will be providing the service for the child? Checks will be made out to the service provider, not the family.


All information must be included in order for the families to be considered. It is highly suggested that families apply and that professional staff assist the families with the application.


Where to send applications, donations or for additional information !


Mandy Project Coordinator

Cindy Greer, 970-588-3386

7629 C.R. 100, Hesperus, CO 81326



We strive to notify families of our decision within two weeks of receiving complete information, provided the information is sent to the Project coordinator.


The Colorado State Granges and P.I.C.K. have assisted thirty six (36) children since we began this project in 1998. One child has received assistance twice.






  last updated: 12-Feb-2024
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