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Family and Women's Activities


Co-directors Idealla Lewis and Karen Baxter

Contact:           Karen Baxter 970-259-1595 


2022-23 Handbook Information


The Family and Women's activities directors are busy at work for this year, but we are looking forward to doing some changes for next year that will benefit all of our contestants.  We are excited to make the changes and keep things exciting for everyone.


We are looking forward to seeing all the wonderful entries at State Session.  Everyone is welcome to enter.  The rules for all contests are in the Handbook that came out in the paper.  If you need a copy please contact the state office.


The projects we are supporting this year are:

  • Baby blankets will continue to be collected that are not judged. They will be left in the area where State Session held and donated locally. They can be knitted crocheted, or quilted.
  • Clothing protectors (bibs, for adults) wil also be collected and not judged.  They will be donated to local nursing homes where State is held.
    Directions: using a large bath towel (may be gently used) or washable material. Fold over about 12 inches.  In the center of the fold, cut out 10-inch oval. With zig-zag, sew knit collar to oval. Knit collar material comes by the yard. Cut strip 3 inches by 25 inches. Sew ends together, fold in half longways and stretch gently to fit.
  • Eyeglasses-to be donated in the area of State Session.
  • Box tops to be donated at area schools.

Blue Star Mothers is also one of our projects.  This is an organization of mothers of military men and women. The organization collects items for care packages to be sent to military oversees a list of needs are:

  • MONEY (costs $12.95/box) 
  • boxers, white T shirts, white sox
  • small board games, chess, etc.
  • OB tampons (this brand ONLY)
  • small toothpaste, shower gel
  • on-the-go food (single serve)
  • paperbacks, magazines
  • disposable cameras
  • disposable razors, small mirrors
  • AAA or AA batteries
  • current DVDs, CDs
  • hard candy, throat drops
  • power bars, single serve nuts
  • insect repellent wipes
  • black sunglasses, no brand name
  • chapstick, small shampoo
  • greeting cards, pens, pads
  • small handcream
  • small hand sanitizers or wipes

We will be collecting these items at State Session and donating them to a local chapter of Blue Star Mothers.

  last updated: 03-Apr-2024
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